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Updating Angelfire using KompoZer
for Dummies Jill

by Hil

I haven't used a program like this in a while, so I had to reteach myself how to do this.

1. Open Kompozer, and log into Angelfire.

2. Get to the Webshell.

3. Select file to edit (using "puppies.html" for this demo)
4. Hit "Edit"

5. Select ALL text in the box and "Copy"

6. In KompoZer, select the "Source" tab.

7. Delete all pre-existing code that KompoZer has already put in there. Then Paste the code you have copied from the website.

8. Click on the "Design" tab.

9. Your page as it is seen should be displayed in the window. Some (red) lines may appear for spacing and the like appear in this window, as well as some signifiers for Java & DHTML Script - but don't appear on the site. You make your changes here.


10. Once satsified, click on the "Source" tab. Copy EVERYTHING.

11. Back to Angelfire you go. Delete all code that is left in the text box (the old page) & paste the new code in it's place.

12. Click "Save".

C'est Fin.