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Curly Coated Retrievers
CH Nyehyrst Beithe Tryst RE, JH, WCX, CGC
Owner trained and handled
Beatrice and I first met as she was delivered into this world into my hands.  I whelped her litter as well as several other Curly Coated Retriever litters.  The dam of Beatrice?s litter, of 14, developed mastitis and I ended up spending more time caring for this litter.  Needless to say, I became infatuated with the breed.
Having more experience with other retriever breeds, especially Labradors, I didn?t know what nuances this CCR would bring.  My interest in 1920?s Flapper Era music led to the once popular name, Beatrice.  Her tame yet outgoing nature, sometimes less than lady-like behaviour and benign clever naughtiness seem to fit.  She may wear her curly hair short but smoking and petting parties are definitely forbidden.
Beatrice and I enjoy trying new activities and learning apart from our regular field and obedience training.  She initially learned pheasant hunting running with Diamond, the high-octane field Lab.  As Beatrice came into her own, Diamond may cover more ground with a more experienced nose but Beatrice finds just as many birds now in her own fashion.
Both girls help out around the house, i.e. un-recycling, stealing my wool socks, answering the phone, fetching pairs of shoes and stealing the car keys, to name a few.  We also enjoy various therapy-dog activities and helping other dogs/puppies learn appropriate ?dog language.?  We love trying new activities including, canine freestyle, water work, sledding, agility??.anything fun.
Walden Farm is the name of a self-sufficient farm my Grandfather once managed outside Oshkosh, WI.  Even though my inspirational Grandfather is gone and few artifacts remain, the girls and I frequent the barn and hike the surrounding acreage.