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MBIS UKC GRCh. SHR Am Ch. Nyehyrst Beithe Tryst, RAE, CD, JH, WCX, UWC, CGC

Judge's Award of Merit Recipient - CCRCA National Specialty 2007

Owner Whelped, Trained and Handled.

Beatrice and I first met as she was delivered into this world into my hands. 
I whelped her litter as well as several other Curly Coated Retriever litters. The dam of Beatrice's litter, of 14, developed
mastitis and I ended up spending more time caring for this litter. Needless to say, I became infatuated with the breed.

Having more experience with other retriever breeds, especially Labradors, I didn't know what nuances this CCR
would bring. My interest in 1920's Flapper Era music led to the once popular name, Beatrice. 

Her tame yet outgoing nature, sometimes less than lady-like behaviour and benign clever naughtiness seem to fit.
She may wear her curly hair short but smoking and petting parties are definitely forbidden.

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